For several months, I’ve been working on a gift for readers, a way to say ‘thank you’ for all the support and encouragement that I’m so grateful to receive. The result is “Behind the Scenes”, an insider’s look at the inspiration for my books.

Some of you already know that I’m a very visual writer. I collect images of people, places and events, and I do storyboards for all my books. Now I’ve put together some of the best of those images along with excerpts and reviews to give you a look at my romances unlike any you’ve seen before. All four of my romance series--dark romance, erotic romance, contemporary romantic suspense and fantasy/sci-fi romance--are included in this 53-page, full-color illustrated book.

Please just keep in mind that as with all my books, “Behind the Scenes” is intended strictly for adults. Some images are NSFW.

I hope you’ll enjoy this! I had a great time putting it together and thinking of you as I did so. I truly can’t say a big enough ‘thank you’ but I hope that “Behind the Scenes” gives you a glimpse of how truly grateful I am.

Click on the cover above to download your own 52-page full-color pdf copy. Rather not download? Click on the cover to view "Behind the Scenes" as a gallery right on-line.