Erotic Romance

Erotic Romance New v.2

What can I say about these books? They shock even me and I wrote them! When I first started publishing this series, I felt compelled to warn readers that it went *much* further than I had ever imagined going. Several scoffed, letting me know that they’d seen everything, nothing could surprise them. Only to come back after reading to say, “Oh, my!!! There really is something new and it’s unbelievably hot!!!”


So fair warning. Yes, these books were inspired by my love of  Jane Austen but I apologize most profoundly to that dear lady. She is in no way responsible for the blatantly carnal and some might even say perverse turnings of my imagination. No, they are not set in the past. They are, in fact, thoroughly contemporary just set in a world not quite like our own. One in which the world Miss Austen knew never vanished, it just grew and changed in some unexpected and not necessarily very nice ways.


Please take my warnings to heart. But if you aren’t mortally offended within the first few pages, I hope you’ll enjoy these books and come back for more.

P.S. In case you’re wondering, like everything I write, they are M/F, monogamous and (ultimately) HEA.


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