Dark Romance

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When this story first occurred to me, I hesitated about writing it. Like so many people, I despise any hint of coercion or force in relationships. But I also firmly believe that fiction should allow us to step into worlds and situations that we would otherwise never experience.

Now I'm so glad that I did write CHOSEN, not in the least because of the amazing woman who emerges over the course of it. Let's hear what she has to say for herself:

"My name is Grace Delaney. I was born into this country’s most admired political family. When I was sixteen, the media dubbed me “America’s Princess”. I hate being called that, all the more so since I discovered the terrifying secret hidden behind my family’s glittering public image.

"A few months ago, I graduated from college determined to make a life of my own. But now suddenly Adam Falzon is in it. The head of an old-world family with a reputation for ruthlessness, he looks like a fallen angel. As attracted as I am to him, I’ve come to suspect that Adam is hiding secrets of his own more deadly and dangerous than I ever want to know. I don’t dare give into my feelings for him.

But I may not have a choice. With every beat of my heart, he is drawing me further into a web of dark desire. My chances of escaping are slipping away. Worse yet, I’m no longer sure that I want to."


CHOSEN is a story of dark romance. It contains scenes of coercion, both emotional and physical, and should not be read by anyone who could find that distressing.

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Text and images for adult audiences only

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CHOSEN: The Complete Edition


500 pages, 185,000 words

Originally published as a seven part series, CHOSEN is now also available in a complete edition. Find both on Amazon where the seven part series is also available in Kindle Unlimited. Try Part One of the series FREE.

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